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HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method

(Private Couple Bookings Only!)

Are you looking for a child birthing technique that will provide you and your birthing companion the opportunity to feel empowered, informed and relaxed? HypnoBirthing® is a childbirth technique that returns a woman to the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts and to birth her baby in a safe and comfortable manner. Customize your 5 week journey of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualization as well as other HypnoBirthing® techniques to accommodate your families busy schedule. This intimate bonding experience will also give you and your birthing companion the opportunity to connect physically, mentally as well as spiritually to your baby. Enjoy this rewarding, relaxing and stress free method of birthing today and give your family the gift of a gentle, beautiful and peaceful birthing experience as Nature intended.


5 Class Hypnobirthing Session…………………………………………..$400 / 5 weeks
(Learn in the comfort of your own home or here at the Breath Of Light Yoga Studio.)

Refresher Course………………………………………………………………..$50 / class
(For Repeat Hypnobirthing Clients Only! Customize your program to meet all your child birthing needs.)


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-For anyone looking for a calm and serene birth experience I would recommend using Dawn Pittens at Breath of Light Yoga for hypnobirthing classes as well as restoration yoga. Both births were natural and according to my nurses the most serene and controlled births they have seen. Imagery , breathing and letting go of fears truly can make the difference.- (Sonia, 2014)

-We had the pleasure of using the hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of both of our children. Not only did it empower our family to have 2 beautiful homebirth experiences, but it allowed us the opportunity to educate our birthing team on the calming effects breathing, hypnosis, deep relaxation and visualization can have on the physical body. It was possible for me to walk, smile, tell jokes and enjoy the labouring process. Why miss a moment of joy with your baby if you dont have to?- (Dawn, 2014)


Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology for Pregnant Mamas (38+ Weeks)

Are you a pregnant mama looking to spend some love and attention on yourself before your wee one arrives? Reflexology for late stage pregnancy is designed to reduce the physical stresses, the mental fatigue as well as the emotional ups & downs linked to pregnancy. By applying a focused pressure technique to the feet, we are able to target different zones and reflexes of the entire body that are experiencing some difficulties. Naturally the mind, body and spirit re-balance, making way for a healthier and more empowered laboring process. Embrace your final weeks of pregnancy with grace and ease!

Benefits for Pregnant Women

* relaxes your mind, body and breath
* reduces swelling and fluid retention
* calms both mom & baby
* regulates hormonal imbalances
* helps prepare the physical body for a more calm birthing experience


1 hour…………………………………………..$65

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